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Shower Types Explained

Digital Showers

Digital showers offer an unbeatable combination of state of the art technology, stylish choices, freedom and ease of installation. They offer you a simple and innovative new way to fit and enjoy Britain’s best loved shower.

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    Shower controlled by a panel that communicates with the shower’s power unit to adjust flow and temperature

  • Power unit is usually installed in a loft or airing cupboard

  • Hot water delivered through either the ceiling or wall, depending on installation

  • The control panel can be located within a 10m radius giving you more freedom in your bathroom layout

  • No unsightly plumbing on show

  • Digital showers are available in either Mixer or Electric variations The wireless models offer more design freedom, whilst the remote range is connected to the control unit by a completely hidden wire.


List ImageElectric Showers

Electric showers draw on a cold water supply and heat the water on demand.

  • Cold water is heated by an element providing hot water instantly

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Extremely economic (99.7% energy efficient) with no hot water wastage

  • Choose a higher kilowatt rating for better flow performance

  • Choose from a range of styles and finishes including white/chrome, satin/chrome, chrome, tiled and glass.


List ImageMixer Showers

Mixer showers draw from both hot and cold water supplies and usually deliver higher flow rates.

  • Ideal for homes with readily available hot water such as a combi boiler or large capacity hot water cylinder

  • Hot and cold water is mixed within the unit and the water delivered through the shower

  • Shower options include fixed head, adjustable head, and handset on a riser rail

  • Mixers with a diverter gives the option for multiple outlets from the shower unit


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Shower Towers

Shower towers are wall mounted panels which draw on both hot and cold water supplies.

  • Offer a combination of shower sensations including multiple bodyjets, a fixed head and a handset

  • Their high flow rate means they are only suitable for high pressure systems

  • Low pressure systems can be boosted with a pump


Power Showers

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Power showers draw from both hot and cold water supplies and include an integrated pump to boost the flow rate.

  • Offer low pressure systems the option of a high flow rate shower

  • Hot and cold water is mixed within the unit and the water is delivered through the shower



Eco Showers

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A range of Eco showers that focus on water efficiency.

  • Available in electric or mixer variations

  • Offer up to a 50% reduction in water usage when compared to conventional mixer showers Unichrome Mersey Bar

  • Meets the needs of the Code for Sustainable Housing




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