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T80Z Slimline Eco electric shower

With its slender, stylish design, the T80Z Slimline adds a little extra flair to the usual T80Z quality and its compact footprint complements its modern styling.  At the sametime it offers a solution for anyone looking for an electric shower with an ecologically responsible flow rate of below 6 litres per minute.


Maximum flow rate - capped at 6 litres per minute

Slimline design - a slender design and compact footprint compliments the products modern styling

Swiv-let - A fully 180 degree reversible swivel water inlet accomodates water connections from either the left or right hand side of the unit to aid installation

Push button Start/Stop - recessed chrome button with inset power on illumination to select your favourite shower setting every time

Recessed easy to turn controls

'Low pressure' indicator

Rub clean showerhead - 5 spray pattern

Available in 8.5kW power rating

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